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Pitchfix Greenkeeper Repair Tool



The ultimate ball mark repair tool for Greenkeepers and Marshals.

  • Pitchfix’s professional product for the greenkeepers and course marshals.
  • Based on the award winning Repairtec pin technology greenkeepers and course marshal can repair left over pitchmarks and brown spots in a matter of seconds.
  • Perfect repairs and spot aeration without having to bend over.
  • The tool not only repairs the pitchmark or brown spot but the spring mechanism in the head of the tool also pushes down the ground while retracting the pins and the affected area is aerated simultaneously.
  • The Greenkeeper Pro comes with two interchangeable heads to adjust to the circumstances to give you the perfect tool for both dry and firm greens as well as for wet and soft greens.
  • The Greenkeeper Pro can also be installed green-side so your private members always have the best repair tool at hand.
  • Sold is packs of 2 (1 blue, 1 green tool per pack)